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    Red face Help choosing a breast pump

    I'm currently pregnant with my first child and I will be returning to work 6-10 weeks after the baby is born. Fortunately my boss has two children of her own and is very supportive of my breastfeeding and pumping while at work.
    My main problem right now is trying to choose a pump! There are so many options and I've heard so many conflicting reviews. Can anyone recomend a reliable, moderately priced breast pump for a working mom who wants to breastfeed?

    Thank you!
    ~a nervous mom-to-be

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    Hi mama and

    Congrats on the upcoming arrival of your new baby!! As far as breast pumps go, if you are going to be pumping several times a day at work, you will probably want to go with a double-electric pump. The BEST pump is going to be a hospital-grade pump, such as Medela Lactina or Medela Symphony. You will get the best results pumping with one of those. However, most moms who use these just rent them, as they are SUPER spendy to purchase. The next step down from the hospital-grade pump will probably be a Medela Freestyle or a Medela Pump in Style Advance (PISA), both of which are double-electric pump. This is what I use... I am currently pumping while at work for my second baby, and I get pretty good output with it. A Medela PISA is a single-user pump (i.e. you can't rent one, that I know of), and will run you around $250, the Freestyle is more pricey at around $300-$350. There are also other pumps such as the Lansinoh double-electric and Ameda Purely Yours that others have had great success with too, and aren't quite as pricey as Medela pumps, but I don't have any personal experience with those to share with you.

    Hope this helps mama!! Good luck with your new baby!
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    with PP. If you are returning to work you'll definitely want a high quality double electric pump. Pumping both sides simultaneously helps with supply and is more efficient. I recently had a tube broken and could only pump on one side at a time and phew, it took forever! I use the Pump in Style and LOVE it. It is a great pump and worth every penny. They only make the Advanced version now, but it is basically the same thing with a dual expression phase. I'd highly recommend it. If portability is important to you, you might want to look into the Freestyle. Haven't used it myself, but lots of ladies give it a thumbs up.


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    I currently have the Medela Pump in Style, which works great. At work, though, I am able to use the Medela Lactina, which is AWESOME. There is clearly a difference between the two. The hospital-grades are alot of money even to rent though ($50/month around here in Maine). When I use the hospital pump it is more comfortable and efficient. I am happy with both!

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    I used the hospital grade Medela rental for month one ($70 in NY through a LC). Then I puchased the Medela Pump in Style Advanced Metro bag and love it! I pumped at work twice a day and it was very productive! Good luck and congrats!

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    Congrats on your upcoming arrival! I also have the Pump in style metro bag and love it! It was a gift from my MIL, i think it was around $275..but worth every single one of her pennies (hehe!)

    I also recommend either rigging your own nursing tank by cutting holes to place the flanges through, or buy a hands-free pumping bra. Mine has lasted me 4 years and I don't know what I'd do if I forgot it at home! It gives me the ability to massage my breast while pumping, and to even get a little work done, or eat a snack, talk to my hubby (get him to put the kiddos on the phone)... I'm sure you've gotten my point though, endless possibilities!

    Good luck!!
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    I have a Medela freestyle hands free one...I LOVE it. Although, I don't use the hands free part because I have to massage while pumping anyway, so why not just hold the bottle myself. I have several friends who have this same pump (w/o the hands free) and they love them as well. One friend had rented one from the hospital first and said she couldn't believe the difference once she purchased her own. She said she got much more from her own personal pump...I had purchased mine, not sure I'd use it (stay at home mom) but due to supply issues and other issues I ended up using it the very 1st week and I was SO thankful I had it on hand. It's been a life saver!

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    I also have a Medela Pump In Style. LOVE IT! Good luck to you and congrats!

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