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Thread: Nipple Shields and milk production

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    Default Nipple Shields and milk production

    I have been using a nipple shield to breastfeed my infant (she was born at 36 weeks and is nine days old). I am concerned about my milk production. How much should I be pumping after each feeding?

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    Hi! My daughter was born at 36 weeks 4days... so i feel your pain. I don't know your answer to your question, because i am still having problems with that, but, I will say that i was using the nipple shield too. And then i got so frustrated with fumbling with it that i spent some extra time - a long time- to try to get her to latch- and she did! So keep up the good work!! Good luck!

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    My lactation consultant told me to pump once in the morning and once at night. Have you spoken with a lactation consultant? Preferably an IBLC? She could also help you get off the shield when your baby is big enough to nurse without it.

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    Quick question - if you are nursing with a nipple shield, why is it necessary to keep pumping? I've just finally gotten my LO to switch from bottle to breast (with a shield), and am wondering - do you need to keep pumping if your supply is already established? Thanks

    Are you trying to establish your supply with the shield/pumping? Or are you in the same situation as me?

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    Congratulations on the new baby! Can you tell us why you're concerned about your supply?

    There's no right answer to your question, for the following reasons:
    - If the baby is nursing well at the breast, and having the right number of wet and dirty diapers, there's probably no need to pump
    - Pumping is a learned skill, and it may take a while to get good output
    - Babies are generally more efficient at emptying the breast than pumps are (though this is less often true when the baby is premature)
    - Pump output varies based on how mom responds to pumping, on the make/model of pump being used, and on when mom is pumping
    - At only 9 days old, your supply is still getting established, and it may not be all the way up yet

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    I agree w/PP about getting help from an LC.
    My little girl (now 28 months old and still Bfing twice a day) was also 36 wks and I started using a nipple shield as well since she was having trouble latching on as well as staying awake long enough to eat well (she had Jaundice for quite a bit, photo therapy used at home for about a wk). I went to an LC and she helped me quickly wean off the nipple shield and helped my LO latch better . I use to pump practically after every feeding for a few min. to help w/my milk productions since she wasn't gaining a lot of weight and DH gave her a bottle of pumped milk every night to help out as well. But if your production is good, I don't see a need to pump. I never got a great output when pumping (I used both a lansinoh and a medela pump), it always took me at LEAST 2 pumping sessions to produce enough for 1 bottle . After using a scale at home for a few days and weighing her after every feed it was obvious that research is correct on that they get a lot more from the breast than you are able to pump.
    My best advice to you is to go see and LC to help with the shield and to be patient and calm during your transition and nursing, it's a learning experience for both of you, but you're baby needs to feel that you're in control (even thought your not) and are calm through this.
    Best of Luck!
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