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Thread: Nipple Shields and milk production

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    I have been using a nipple shield to breastfeed my infant (she was born at 36 weeks and is nine days old). I am concerned about my milk production. How much should I be pumping after each feeding? I'm also concerned that she's not getting enough milk each feeding, thru the nipple shield. She gets real fussy and is very worked up and hungry before feeding but then after a couple of pulls on the breast she often seems to forget what to do and gets fussy and crying again. Any advice?

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    I would start with the nipple shield and try removing it if she latches on.
    I had used a nipple shield, and my LO got plenty.

    Why do you think she isn't getting enough?
    How many wet/poopy diapers is she having a day?
    Can you feel your let-down?
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    If you're using one of the newer silicone nipple shields, you shouldn't worry about it impacting your supply.

    Did someone tell you that you needed to pump after feedings? I used a nipple shield for about 3 and a half months and never pumped after feedings. My milk supply is fine. But my LC had me pumping once a day anyway. I stored that milk for when I went back to work -- but my baby was full term.

    She might be fussing for the breast just for comfort. Does it seem like she always wants to be nursing? That's normal for a nine day old. Spend lots of time in bed with her with your shirt off. As PP said, maybe she doesn't want the shield. Try offering the breast without it.

    It will get easier soon! You're doing a good job.

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    Thanks so much! This is all very helpful. I don't really have any reason to think that she isn't getting enough (she'll get weighed today!)--I just think I am being influenced by all of the negative press the nipple shield gets! My LC says I will probably need the nipple sheild until her due date (feb 14). So this makes me feel better.

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