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Thread: I need serious help...

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    Thank you everyone.

    As far as allergies go, no one has had a problem here. I was told that my 5th was allergic to my milk but nowthat I have learned all that I have about hindmilk/foremilk, I know that was a wrong diagnosis. Especially with my large supply and that he would only eat for a minute or 2 before I switched him to the other side to wake him up as was suggested to me.

    No one has had eczema. My SIL's little girl had it terribly though and was taken off of dairy and wheat and it cleared up. My sister had milk allergies as I child so I know that these are possibilities. Since I went on an elimination diet with #4, believing that she had allergies, and her symptoms cleared up as soon as I was pumping, I have always stuck with an elimination diet with the following babies since the days they were born. But, I believe that pumping worked because I was emptying my breast with the pump and feeding it to her where she was not doing it when nursing. I was never told about block feeding and no one knew about hindmilk/foremilk so I was doing the switch every few minutes to get her going, too.

    I have been on an elimination diet with this little one since she was born. Although, I have had some toast and the cake part of half of a cupcake. I won't be trying those anymore. Oh, I also had some melon this weekend with the cupcake. I am thinking those "may" have played a part but I also noticed her poops changing last week.

    I could go forever with what I "think" it may be but I honestly believe that, with all of our symptoms and my history, that it is a hindmilk/foremilk imbalance.

    Thanks again for all of your encouragement. It helps tremendously.

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    Red face Re: I need serious help...

    You are amazing!
    I cannot believe your perserverance in breastfeeding all 8 kids! I don't have any words of wisdom to offer other then that I think you are doing a great job. What a role model you are for those of us struggling with our first!

    Thanks for sharing your story!

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    I just wanted to let you know that I too have oversupply problems and had to go to one breast feedings and long blocks of time for each breast...and it worked!! No more green poop!

    Oh, one thing that may help...as soon as your baby starts to nurse and you feel the let down, it may help to remove your breast and let the milk spray into a cloth until it is just a steady drip...of course this only works if your let down is forceful enough to cause your breast to spray out milk without being manipulated at all. But this way you're getting rid of some of the foremilk without sending the wrong signal to your breast by pumping. This made my little one pretty mad when I took it away, but it only took a couple of seconds, then he was back to nursing happily. Hope this helps.

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