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Thread: pumping question (also on the pumping board)

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    Default pumping question (also on the pumping board)

    so i have a medela PIS original and have found that when using the double pump i get next to nothing but when i use one horn i can actually express milk and it feels like its working better. shoudl i continue with the two or just use one horn at a time. (by the way for those of you who dont know i am trying to relactate. i have heard that double pumping is better for this but was wondering if that is true in this situation) thanks so much.

    eta: i get a small flow from both breasts when i double pump (well dropps i should say) but when i pump off one side at a time i spray... is it because my body is just starting to relactate or because there is something up with my pump? tia

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    Default Re: pumping question (also on the pumping board)

    Double pumping is best for relactation. And it takes half the time as well.

    You may want to invest in renting (or if you get WIC, they can loan you one for free) a hospital grade pump. That will work better at building your supply.

    I still only get sprays when pumping and 90% of the time, it requires that I place pressure (breast compressions) on the milk ducts.

    Good luck... It will get easier as you get more supply!

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