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Thread: Pumping less effective..?

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    Default Pumping less effective..?

    My pump does not seem to be working as effective as it was. I was painfully engorged tonight and was only able to get 2 ounces. I don't know if i have just gotten used to the way the pump feels but it just doesn't seem to be sucking (for lack of a better word) very hard. It occasionally makes a weird sound when I press the let down button.

    Oh I have a Medela Pump In style, bought 4 months ago but have only started using it frequently for the last month. Any suggestions!?

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    It's round on the ends and high in the middle

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    Has the tubing pulled off a little? Or what about the knob that controls suction...sometimes my PISA knob would get pulled out and mess with suction.

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    Check the little white flaps, mine get holes in them and that will make the pump's suction less effective. You can buy replacements at Toys R Us. Hth!


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    If PPs suggestions don't work, contact Medela. They have awesome customer service and will either repair or replace your pump if it's not working properly.
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    I had a similar problem w/ my PISA and called Medela. They end up sending me new tubing, valves, & membranes. I guess these parts had just gotten to worn because the pump worked well again when I switched them out.
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