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Thread: Anyone else hand express after you pump?

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    Default Anyone else hand express after you pump?

    I have never hand expressed milk before... I never really knew how to do it? Anyway, I watched this video yesterday and I was inspired. I decided to try it today after pumping, and ended up getting an extra 1/2 ounce! Anyway, I'm still trying to get the technique down (it kinda hurt!), but just wanted to see if anybody else out there hand expresses after the flow of milk has stopped while pumping?

    On a funny note... I watched the video while I was at work yesterday and I was the entire time, and kept watching over my shoulder to see if anyone could see what I was watching! They show a lot of boob in the video.
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    Default Re: Anyone else hand express after you pump?

    I've seen that video too and thought COOL!!! Wasn't able to hand express at all. I've tried many, many times and just seem to end up hurting myself. I wish I could though. It would make emptying completely a lot easier with the pump.

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    Default Re: Anyone else hand express after you pump?

    I have one side that produces more and doesn't like to completely empty for the pump. When that happens, I start hand expressing and can get another 1/2 ounce at least in just a couple of minutes.

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    Thumbs up Re: Anyone else hand express after you pump?

    I JUST saw that video for the first time day before yesterday. So cool, and yes, inspiring!! I was so sure it would work for me... still hopeful! I've only tried it twice now, and yes, it definitely did make me sore. Here's my other problem: I'm very small-breasted (even my BM full breasts are maybe a large A cup!) so it's IMPOSSIBLE for me to massage while pumping. I can hand express just a tiny bit, haven't yet measured it. But it is amazing how easy it is to get even just a little bit after the pumps (even the hospital-grade ones!) have gotten all they can. Here's hoping for more success for you and me both!
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    Default Re: Anyone else hand express after you pump?

    i started hand expressing after pumping after I watched the video. I can get another .5 oz to an oz more. I find that if I compress behind the the areola it doesn't hurt.

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    Default Re: Anyone else hand express after you pump?

    I used to always hand express post pumping after I watched that video! I was able to get about half an ounce extra as well.

    You'll get the technique down. It took a little practice for me, but paid off!

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    Default Re: Anyone else hand express after you pump?

    Wow, I just watched the video while pumping and then hand expressed aferwards, amazing!! I will say it was mildly painful but this is a great link for mothers who don't get alot of milk when they pump to help them maximize their output. Massaging the breasts and compressing while pumping is also a great technique. I have some stubborn areas that don't seem to want to drain on their own and by doing the masssage and compression I can get them to release!! Good stuff, thanks for sharing
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