I saw the thread on "after-Weaning question", and it brought me to post this:

My first child is 4 1/2 and fully weaned (at around 2 yrs. old), my second is 2 yrs and 9 mos (and is what I considered weaned, except for the occasional, "just checking to see if they are still there" type of nursing sessions, which only last for one or two sucks). These occur every 2-3 weeks or so.

I still have a little bit (drops) of milk, which I know can go on for quite a while after weaning. I read the other post about this as well as the links on hyperprolactinemia. (sp?)

My question is this: I want to get pregnant again, and am having difficulties this time. I have not used birth control pills since before my first child was born. My cycle is VERY long (sometimes up to 50 days!!!). Could the fact that I was pregnant and/or nursing for so long sort of put my body into some type of hibernation or secondary infertility? I got pregnant in 2000, had first in 2001, nursed for 2 years-during which time I got pregnant with second in 2002 and had second in 2003, now it is 2006 and "sort of" still nursing-but basically weaned.

I went to my OB and she took blood tests (all were fine), had a vaginal ultrasound (all clear, also). She recommends taking chlomid to get my ovulation back on track. I hate to say I am in a "rush" to get pregnant, but I am also worried about "advanced maternal age" as I am now 35 yrs. old.

What experience has anyone had with this? Thanks for any help.