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Thread: Tubing broke while at work!

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    Default Tubing broke while at work!

    So I had a ROUGH weekend! It snowed like crazy and my DH and I have been shoveling, snowblowing, digging out cars, taking snow off roofs, digging out the backyard so the dog won't jump out. It was one of those weekends where you feel like you didn't get a break at all and know it's Monday.

    When it rains, it pours I guess. I go to use my PIS for my morning 9:30 pump and the suction isn't great. After some inspection, one of my tubes is broken. Ack!!! . I only have about 12 minutes to pump at this time and got a measly 1 oz. out of the right (could only pump one side at a time at this point) and no letdown on the left. Tried the manual pump but that was a joke!

    By lunch I was DYING!!!! Skipped my lunch and dashed to the local pharmacy and they had 1 tube left. Hallelujah! Thanks to my trusty car adapter I was able to pump and drive back to work in time for my next class to teach.

    Gotta love the technology when it works but when it doesn't...boobies are up a creek! Moral of this story is have backup parts at work. You never know when you'll need to replace them. I didn't even think about backup tubing. Had backup everything else.

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    Default Re: Tubing broke while at work!

    I had this happen once when I was pumping. I called Medela and they rush mailed the supplies I needed without charging. Maybe that's the normal policy, maybe it was because I was a disaster on the phone with customer support.

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    Default Re: Tubing broke while at work!

    What a frustrating weekend! I didn't even know the tubes could break. I'm glad you found a replacement!

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    Default Re: Tubing broke while at work!

    Medela was also great with me and sent me some bottles at no charge. Great company!

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