I have a few questions for anyone who has tried partial pump weaning. I have been EPing for almost 9 months now, but am considering partial weaning. I have a week long work trip on 3/8 and think that dropping to pumping 2x/day would make the trip a lot easier. I have done many work trips with some creative pump scheduling, but this trip will be non-stop so some relief from working in pumping would be nice. And....we will be close to a year especially counting my 3-4 week freezer supply. Here are my questions:

1. I am pumping 3x/day now and getting about 24 oz/day. Just barely keeping up with my LO. About how much am I likely to produce switching to 2x/day?
2. When I dropped to pumping 3x/day, I did try a bit of formula just in case we needed it, but luckily have not had to use much. I tried just mixing a little formula with milk and was planning just to gradually increase the amount when the time came. How long does this process take? Any great tips in case he does not seem to want the mostly formula mix?
3. If my target is to only be pumping 2x/day by the second week in March, how long before should I try stretching out my times between pumping sessions? Previously, I was just able to drop on session without too much trouble, but going from 6am to 8pm is a really long time!

*Also, my LO is good eater. Maybe too good at this point since we had to limit solids when he ws not drinking his milk. However, if he's less than a year, we should still try formula, correct? Not sure he can get enough nutrition from solids...