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Thread: What Is This Junk!? =0

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    Question What Is This Junk!? =0

    Basis of my relactating relationship:
    I stopped breastfeeding just a couple days before my son was five months old due to illness. Now he is a little over seven months and I've been relactating for about a month now via pump (because he screams and pushes my breast away). I am seeing some results, taking a couple of supplements from Standard Process (Symplex F and Mammary PMG).
    But what comes out isn't breastmilk (I don't think). Its this sticky yellowish stuff that smells and tastes kind of sour. It's thick and almost greasy feeling.
    What is this junk?!

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    Since you're not too far into the relactation process, my guess is that what you're seeing is milk- but really fatty (and therefore greasy-feeling) thick milk. Like the thickest hindmilk you ever produced. That's what my milk turned into after my kid weaned. It also turned very yucky-tasting- salty and greasy. Give it time! I'm willing to bet that the nice-tasting milk is on it's way.

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    What is in the supplements you're taking? Are you taking anything else? What was the illness that led to the weaning? Were you taking medications at that time?

    What you're pumping sounds like it may be involution milk--the kind of milk that is produced when the breast tissue has started to go dormant. Sodium, fat, and other components increase, and volume is generally pretty low. What's your volume like?

    What was your pumping experience like before you started relactating? What kind of pump are you using, and how often? How are you setting the suction? Is it comfortable? Have you ever tried hand-expression or a combination of the two? There is a free instructional video I can send...

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    Oh, and I should probably point out that women who have never even been pregnant can lactate with nursing and sometimes pumping, so just because you have weaned, and your breasts have begun a return to their pre-pregnant state, it doesn't mean that you won't produce more regular breast milk.

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    That would be awesome!!!

    List of Ingredients in both supplements:
    Symplex F: Magnesium citrate, bovine ovary PMG extract, bovine adrenal PMG extract, bovine pituitary PMG extract, bovine thyroid PMG extract (processed to remove its thyroxine).
    Mammary PMG: Bovine Mammary PMG extract and magnesium citrate.
    Taken straight from the bottles! I'm also taking Prenatal Pills by Spring Valley.
    As for the illness, I'm not sure. I had it when I first got pregnant and the doctors said they didn't know what it was. My muscles like almost stop working. It's hard to move or walk or anything. I didn't eat and hardly drank water because it took too much energy. Before they thought it was mono but the test (blood test) said that it wasn't. So they said that it might just be because I was extremely anemic. Other than that, I have no idea what it is. I was only taking ibuprofen when I was sick.

    Volume: It's only a few drops of that stuff, not hardly anything comes out. :{
    Before I loved breastfeeding and it went great. Besides sore nipples at the beginning, I had not a single problem with it! I am using the miPump by the First Years because it was cheap and the only thing I could afford. I pump every two or so hours for 10 minutes on and off for the whole hour. I heard that helps on another forum. I set it on the highest suction setting. It's comfortable, unless I pump for fifteen or more minutes. Then my nipples get all tickled feeling. Like they're itchy.
    What is hand expression...? I've massaged my breasts before pumping once, but then I didn't even get those normal couple of drops. Yes please send me the vid! :] TIA.

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    I'm so happy! I am getting a little bit more of this greasy stuff and last night my son, Gaige, opened his mouth for my nipple. He didn't do anything, just kind of let it set there for a few seconds before biting it, but its a big improvement from screaming at it and trying to push away. (He's seven months).

    I read on Kellymom.com to just casually keep offering it to him, which I have been doing and it is paying off. Going to be making a homemade SNS, since I can't afford it, and see if my local WIC office does the breastpump loan program, I really can't afford to rent one from the hospital and the other place I called was $80 a week, so thats DEFINITELY out of the question.

    Doing a lot of skin-to-skin contact, as well via Moby Wrap. We're slowly truckin' back to the nursing relationship.

    Also, I've seen some stuff online about nipple shields. Would those be something worth buying to try? Before he weaned, his latch was fine. I never had a problem, so would it be a waste of money? I'm very frugal with my money since I only get money from under-the-table jobs like cleaning houses and other things like that. I'm cheap.

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    Nipple shields are generally around $5, so personally I think it would be worth it to try one. $5 is about the least you can spend on a piece of nursing-related equipment. But that's not to make light of your financial situation- $5 is $5 and that can be a lot of money when things are tight! The only things you should know about shields before trying them is that a) they can reduce stimulation to the breast and therefore reduce milk supply, and b) babies do sometimes get hooked on them, meaning that it's hard to get them to nurse without the shield. But in your situation, getting the baby onto the breast is probably worth those risks!

    Keep on truckin', mama!!!

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    Yup, we've co-slept since he was born and been doing skin-to-skin quite on and off. We've done it every night this week. <3

    I hope I can get a pump from WIC! :] Mine isn't very affective for relactating. It works, just not well enough.

    Yes, $5 is totally worth it then. :] I also started taking Fenugreek and a vitamin the lady at the Vitamin Shoppe suggested, Vitex. So far so good!

    Thanks so much for the support guys! :]

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