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Thread: Viola Lennon, LLL co-Founder

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    It is with great sadness that we have learned that Viola Lennon, co-Founder of La Leche League International and co-author of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, passed away peacefully in the Chicago area on Friday, January 22. Service and memorial details will be made available as soon as possible on the LLLI web page.

    Viola Lennon was born in 1923. She credits her mother with having the strongest influence on her philosophy of breastfeeding and mothering, saying, “My mother portrayed breastfeeding as an enjoyable experience that brings you close to your baby.”

    In 1951, Viola married William (Bill) Lennon with whom she had ten children. Edwina Froehlich, Viola’s friend from college, invited her to a meeting at the home of Mary White’s home in 1956, and she quickly joined the others.

    In 1972, Viola took on the important role of Chairman of the LLLI Board of Directors, a position she held for five years. During this time, she helped guide the LLLI Board in the formalization of the policies and procedures for running this growing organization, as well as in defining the organizational philosophy and principles. When LLLI’s finances took a downturn in 1984, Viola spearheaded our “Second Founding” and later became the Director of the LLLI Funding Development Department, a position she held for many years. Vi developed close personal relationships with many generous donors who supported LLLI’s efforts financially and contributed in many ways to the success of the organization.

    When she left her staff position as Funding Development Director, she dedicated her time and effort to the expansion of the Alumnae Association, becoming one of its strongest proponents.

    Viola says, “Breastfeeding… led me to self-discovery and to a greater appreciation of the full humanity of the babies who were entrusted to me. Each woman needs to trust her own instincts, her own feelings, and her own sense of what will work for her with each baby. Women in the 1950s had forgotten the wisdom of previous generations in relation to breastfeeding. Mothers who tried to breastfeed on their own were almost always destined to fail.” She laughs when she adds, "The neighbors sent their children to watch me breastfeed because they knew the children would not see it anywhere else!”

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    What a woman. She has left us her legacy of love to carry on. What a beautiful life she lived. We all are better mamas because of her. Wow. Wishing her family and loved one's solice in a life awesomely lived.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*pigpen777 View Post

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    I just heard. So sad. How blessed we all are to have had her stand up for our rights!

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    What an inspiration she is. I am sorry to hear of her passing.

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    From the director of the EUS Area Network:

    Many of you have heard the sad news of the death of Founder Viola
    Lennon on Friday afternoon, January 22. I have heard that the wake
    will be held on Monday the 25th and the funeral on Tuesday on the
    26th. I do not have any further details at this time.

    Vi's family asked Marian where donations should be sent and she
    suggested the LLL Breastfeeding Helpline - US, as did Judy Torgus, and
    Vi's family decided to go with it. Marian wrote, "I'm sure Vi will be
    happy to be back helping mothers and babies!"

    Our hearts go out to Vi's family, the other co-Founders, and the many
    friends Vi has embraced worldwide,
    Amy Shaw
    You can make donations to the Breastfeeding Helpline at


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    Thanks for sending us the sad news.

    How many of the original (is it seven?) founders are left to us? The positive influence these founding matriarchs have had on our society is immeasurable.

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