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Thread: 4 week old spits up mucous

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    Question 4 week old spits up mucous

    My 4 week old has always spit up alot since birth. She has also been very gassy since day one. DD has only breastfed...however I plan on introducing bottles this week as I plan on returning to work PT in 2 weeks. Recently (over the past few days to a week) her spit up has been thicker like mucous. She actually chokes on it occasionally. Is this normal ? She has also had a few looser BM. I just want to make sure that she's not sick. Also will this worsen as I introduce bottles ?


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    Default Re: 4 week old spits up mucous

    There is some info on spitting up on kellymom:
    The gist of it is that usually spitting up is normal if your baby is otherwise healthy (gaining well, etc.).


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