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Thread: Which Pain Meds are safest during recovery?

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    Default Re: Which Pain Meds are safest during recovery?

    I was given 800mg Motrin as well as Vicodin. I used the Motrin pretty much round the clock and I used the Vicodin a couple of times. I know everyone is different in terms of recovery, but I was feeling pretty good after about a week.

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    Default Re: Which Pain Meds are safest during recovery?

    I live in Canada so maybe it's different here but they just gave me Tylenol three's which worked great but I too had a sleepy baby and decided to just stop using them after two days...I believe in The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding it states that most meds won't cross into your milk..and especially if it was given to you by your Doc, then I would assume it would be fine or they wouldn't give it to you to begin with...but just plain Tylenol would work once you are over the first days....Good Luck and Congrats!!
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