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Thread: Over 20 gallons of frozen BM rancid :(

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    Default Re: Over 20 gallons of frozen BM rancid :(

    You know, if you can get your LO to latch on and start feeding him straight from the tap in the evenings and on weekends then after a year you could stop pumping. Then he would get enough milk when you nursed.

    Although I am saying this without knowing anything about his kidney problems though. But I know that after one many moms stop pumping and give their LOs water while they are at work and then just nurse when you will be together.

    What a great stash you built up and I'm so sorry that you're finding you can't use it right now! I like the idea another pp gave you to mix it into smoothies when he's older.
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    Default Re: Over 20 gallons of frozen BM rancid :(

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    Thanks for all of the support! We are working at doing more BFing and that is a great idea Jen to keep up the BFing after a year and drop the pump! He is already showing a little improvement in his BFing after 3 days of work so I am hopeful we can figure it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*smiles View Post
    I am trying to donate it. None of the hospitals I called would take it. One lady from where I gave birth is trying to help me find a good home for my milk.
    to the links Buff posted. If you have a small amount milkshare is great for that. To donate to a milkbank you need a larger amount because of the expense for testing.

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    Do you have extra milk? Consider donating!

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    Default Re: Over 20 gallons of frozen BM rancid :(

    To the OP, WOW. All I have is . I don't know why it is SOOOO HARD to toss BM. I have cried every time I have had to dump even an ounce.
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    oh, s.

    Because of your son's condition, I know it would be wonderful if he could use it. Can you try mixing some in with fresh/scalded milk? Start out at 90good/10bad and keep increasing? 20 gallon's is so much milk! This way you could stretch your scalded stash.

    Also, the breastflow bottle really helped with my son's latch.

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    Default Re: Over 20 gallons of frozen BM rancid :(

    That is such a shame! That is a lot of work, I'm sorry to hear what happened.

    I'm new at this... but I was just wondering what caused the milk to go bad? How can you tell it went bad? What can be done to prevent this in the future?
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