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Thread: can it be possible?

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    Default can it be possible?

    Ok firstly excuse me if this post seem a little jumbled and erratic

    Right i collected the pump Sat afternoon and since then have been pumping for 20 each side every 2-3 hrs. I'm getting nothing more than a drop from pumping so have continued with the hand expressing after each pumping session. Last night after pumping and getting nothing i went on to had express and got quite a few sprays and collected around 3 mls of BM
    Ollie still latches on before every formula feed and any time he seem upset.

    Now on to this morning, Got up late so doing the mad frantic finding of kids school uniforms. Ollie grumbling no time to make a bottle (bad mummy i know) so put him on my breast as i seem to have turned into a human soother to calm him down and after a good 20mins he is soundly asleep and has been like this for over an hour now.

    Whilst on the breast i could see him pull all kinds of faces hear his tummy gurgle like it goes when he has formula and although I'm not sure i swear i felt a very small let down

    Is it possible that even after such a short time of relataion that i have more milk than i realised? It kind of worrying not knowing. But Ollie seems so content now and I'm sure if he was hungry he would have screamed by now

    You would think after 5 kids i would know by now
    I'm Siobhan(or Sib)
    Mum to 5, Newest addition Ollie born Nov 30th '09, 11weeks Prem weighing 2lb 12
    hoping to get this going so i can eventually my little man

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    Default Re: can it be possible?

    Sounds good to me!!

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