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Thread: Is there anything BAD about rice cereal?

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    Default Re: Is there anything BAD about rice cereal?

    I read that once you start to give LO the iron supplemented cereal it can make it much harder for them to digest the iron from your breastmilk.

    Also, if you think about rice in your own diet, it doesn't add much nutritionally, it only adds "bulk". Like one mom said, it's just starch. There is no real benefit to it, and IMO, yes it is bad.

    Why would you want to take away the nutrition of your BM and replace it with no nutrition? Any solid you give baby will be less milk they will drink. Filling up babies stomach does NOT make them sleep longer, actually the opposite can happen where their stomach gets upset and they wake sooner.

    We chose to avoid it altogether because if it's not adding, only taking away, it's not worth it to me.

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    Default Re: Is there anything BAD about rice cereal?

    Have you checked out the website http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com they have some great info about starting grains, including rice, but using whole grains so baby gets more nutrition. They say you can grind small portions (maybe in a coffee grinder?) and cook them like you would the boxed stuff but a little longer. I love that site!

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    I just cooked brown rice or whole oats as normal and then ran them through the food grinder until he was old enough to eat them chunky (around 8 months).
    We made it one year!
    and blogging about it all here

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