OKay, so I've been off an on taking Zicam for my cold since I got sick on Friday.

I was doing so good with it last night, getting up every 3 hours and taking it but after 4 doses of it, I just couldn't take the godawful taste anymore! Especially since my throat and mouth is dry (side effect of being sick) and it takes 10 min for the thing to disolve fully. And then I I can't drink for 15 min! Arg, I end up being up for almost a half hour by the time it's all said and done because I NEED to guzzle some water afterwards to get rid of the nasty taste.

Tonight, I'm back on it again, full force because I need to get better ASAP. DH is calling out of work tomorrow (he's been home from his 2nd job all weekend because of my being sick) but that's the last day that we can possibly afford for him to be out of work, since he has no sick time at either job...

I'm planning tonight, though, to get up every 3 hours to take the zicam and while I'm waiting for it to disolve, pumping. Then while I'm waiting to drink something, I can clean my parts. Then I can guzzle water and go back to bed. That *should* work. I'm hoping that by midmorning, I'll feel better enough to stage a sit in with my pump while DH is home. It just irks me... The ONE weekend that DH was able to be home (he was home only because of my being sick) and I didn't pump but twice because I just felt totally 'BLAH'! Arg! Like I've said from the begining... Relactating (and life, in general) is 2 steps forward and 12 steps back...

Hopefully by Tuesday morning, I'll feel up to getting back on the domperidone and fenugreek... I stopped it Friday because I honestly felt like I have knives in my throat every time I swallowed... There was NO WAY I could manage to get down 9 Dom (those are pretty small though) and 16 fenugreek! It just wouldn't have happened!

Please mamas... Cross fingers and pray that tonight and tomorrow go well for me. I need to get pumping again... And since I have to get up anyway and take the nasty nasty Zicam, I may as well pump, right?!

Night ladies! I'm off to bed for 3 hours... I just pumped (yay me!) so I should be good to go until then!