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Thread: how much oz need for an 17 day baby?

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    Default how much oz need for an 17 day baby?


    we have a newborn and i dont have enough breast milk to feed her, I have tried pumping but not much is comming out
    can you help me how much oz need for a newborn when you use formula to feed her?
    we only use formula every 2nd feeding.
    Is the Earths Best organic formula is a good one?

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    Default Re: how much oz need for an 17 day baby?

    Hi mama! Congratulations on your new baby! and

    How old is you LO? Why do you think you don't have enough milk?
    Here are a few really great pages of info on:

    How to tell if baby is getting enough milk

    Is your supply really low?

    Weaning from formula supplements

    Good luck mama.
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    Default Re: how much oz need for an 17 day baby?

    Colleen posted all the right links. Check them out before you increase your use of formula!

    One reason why we're not concluding "Oh my gosh, she has low supply!" is that it's 100% normal not to get much milk when you pump, especially at first, because:
    1. Pumping, like hand-expressing, is a learned skill.
    2. Not all moms respond well to the pump, and many moms with perfectly adequate milk supplies can't pump very much.
    3. Every mom responds differently to every pump. You may not have the right pump for your needs. In general, manual pumps are the least effective, single electric pumps are a step up, double electric pumps are another step up, and hospital-grade double electric pumps are at the top.

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