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Thread: Only One Tooth

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    Oh FFS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*shannon75 View Post
    I can seriously hear your eyeballs rolling to the back of your head all the way in Michigan
    I can't even keep a straight face and even pretend.

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    I should mention that Waylon is only now getting molars, and he's been eating solid solids for quite a while. He's chewed up pretty tough steak with just his gums, so fwiw, they do grind up stuff with their gums pretty good. I certainly don't think you should give her a t-bone to chew on just yet (well, maybe just the bone--my kids LOVED chewing on bones ), but it is safe for them to eat without teeth.

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    I'm finding that she likes things with complex flavors, like meat from stews before the salt goes in and a couple of different veggies together. She likes to gnaw on green beans and asparagus especially. She also likes slices of sweet potatoes/yams, and loves slices of apple or pear to chew on. She really likes beef, and will eat chicken (cut into a piece that she can hold and chew on) and fish (flaked into finger sized pieces).

    We're going to be trying beans, tofu and more herbs this week - yay!

    Oh - and she has twice as many teeth as your lo - 2 and they are on the bottom, so she really mostly uses her gums for chewing action.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mommyoflance View Post
    I don't think it matters if she has teeth since babies have hard gums.
    I didn't read all the responses, sorry if this is a repeat, but MJ didn't get her first tooth until she was about 11 months old... those baby gums are hard and bony, and MJ didn't have any problems eating solids with no teeth. And if you think about the mechanics of chewing, even when they do start getting teeth, those tiny ones in the front are the first to come in and most people don't really do much chewing with those anyway.
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    How's it going?
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