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Thread: Suddenly she won't eat (solids)!

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    Arrow Suddenly she won't eat (solids)!

    My DD is now 8 months old. She has been on solids for 2 months and eats roughly 2 meals per day (lunch and dinner). She does purees at daycare for lunch and some purees and noodles and such at dinner. She used to eat A LOT of food (following her own appetite)... up until yesterday. She just wholesale just stopped eating solids and wants to nurse like *all* the *time*. Not necessarily a problem, right?

    However, my supply is having a hard time catching up because my supply leveled out with the introduction of solids AND her sleeping through the night. Also, our biggest problem as I just got over gastroenteritis (stomach flu). Now, she's back to nursing every hour and waking up every 3-4 hours. Her tummy is grumbling and she's frustrated when she nurses waiting and waiting and waiting for me to let down. I don't want to use up my frozen supply because it's dwindling as well-- plus, that's not going to help in the long term.

    Her diapers aren't AS wet as they normally are (for obvious reasons). But, she is having wet diapers (I don't know how to count since every diaper is different) and her behavior is somewhat normal (she isn't napping normally because of this craziness either). No BMs since yesterday afternoon (normal), and a tad bit gassy.

    I know there could be several reasons for this: teething, milestone, she's getting sick, just a phase, etc. However, I need a solution for the next few days. How do I give my milk supply a boost for the next few days OR how can I get my DD to eat something while we endure this marathon?
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    If the change in frequency in nursing continues, your supply may increase with the increased demand. Since you just got over being sick yourself, be sure to keep yourself well fed and hydrated. As far as increasing your little one's intake, have you tried offering her smoothies -- sometimes my son still goes on solids strikes, but I can usually get him to drink food.

    I blend yogurt, milk (you could use a little breastmilk), banana, flaxseed meal, probiotics, apple, and either blueberries or strawberries. That offers a good combination of calories, protein, fiber and fruit, the probiotics do wonders for his everlasting tunny troubles, and he LOVES it. You could blend practically anything your little one like to eat to the consistency of liquid (by adding breastmilk or other liquids) and give it a try.
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    I would totally try experimenting with finger foods or even sharing your own food with her. I know a lot of moms whose babies suddenly decided they had had enough with purees, but very happily ate "regular" food. Check out threads/websites on baby-led solids/weaning (BLS/BLW).

    Babies are so funny and particular. Your LO might be bored with the taste of purees. Or she might want to try feeding herself (which make finger foods a great option). I know my baby has rejected a particular food simply because of the shape I cut it into . Just keep on trying different things.

    DD once refused to eat avocado until I tossed the pieces with a bit of salt. I know they say that babies don't know any different, but DD definitely prefers tasty food to bland stuff. They know what they want for sure!

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