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Thread: Iron supplement at 3 months

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    Question Iron supplement at 3 months

    My ped just prescribed iron supplement for my EBF 3 month old and I am interested in people's opinions on that. He told me that at this age the baby's body makes a switch in how red blood cells are produced and its better to give him iron. I had noticed he was paler, but didnt think he could be anemic with only BF. Thoughts? BTW my ped is always pushing BF in lit. and talks to moms --- but he let the hospital staff give my baby FORMULA when he was born. Though he also instructed them to tag the bassinet breastfeed on demand. So, I don't know if he is as well informed as he could be, but he is promoting BF in theory, Just so you know.


    PS do you think that Pablito's anti-gravity hair could be from lack of iron?
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    Default Re: Iron supplement at 3 months

    He is so cute! If you and your ped are concerned there is a very quick finger prick in the office that they can do to determine whether or not the baby is low in iron. Usually for the full term, healthy infant breast milk is the only thing that they need until at least the middle of the first year.

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    Default Re: Iron supplement at 3 months

    My ped said the same thing about the iron. I didn't do it and this is why. I do give dd a multivitamin without iron though.

    I love the anti-gravity hair!

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    Default Re: Iron supplement at 3 months

    I think 3 months old is too early to start iron supplement without a good reason, like Brittan said they can do a quick test and determine if it's really need it or not. Also Iron drops sometimes can cause digestive upsets in babies and can reduce the efficiency of iron absorption.

    This is from Dr. Sears' site:
    Term babies are born with a large reserve of iron, which should last at least six months. If baby does not receive any extra dietary iron, these iron stores get used up. This is why formula-fed babies should receive an iron-fortified formula, beginning at birth or at least within the first few months afterwards. Human milk contains relatively small amounts of iron, but it is very well absorbed. So breastfed babies rarely need iron supplements

    HTH. And even after the six months, once you start the baby on solids, if you give the baby food naturally rich on iron there should be no reason for iron supplement.

    And BTW, your baby's anti-gravity hair reminded me my lil' cousin (now 17), we used to call her la Guacamayo (you know what's that, right?)

    Take care!

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    Default Re: Iron supplement at 3 months

    I ran across this article which may be of interest to you.


    Like others have said, iron levels can be easily tested.

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