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Thread: Thrush

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    Angry Thrush

    O.K. We are in our second cycle of thrush (nasty little infection). I was wondering if it is ok to mix nystatin treatment-baby, with probiotic-mom. I really don't want to give baby the antifungal but the thrush just won't budge. I am eating plenty of Activia yogurt and am taking acidopholus. I have been doing this for about a week with no noticable difference. I am considering giving baby the nystatin drops again but am unsure if it is safe to mix treatments. I would go ask my doctor but it is impossible to get an appointment and we have no walk in med clinic. Does anyone know of any other things I can be doing to rid ourselves of this pesky visitor?

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    theres some good info in this link

    and this one... not lll but a good sorce for info

    can you just call on the phone and talk to a nurse? or have the doctor call you? Our doctor does that. A lc might be able to help over the phone also..
    heres how to find one around you

    or this one

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    My 3.5 mth daughter also has thrush. We tried nystatin and genetian violet and NO LUCK. I don't see why you couldn't do what you want to do but i guess its best to ask a doctor first.

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    Have you yourself been treated for a nipple yeast infection? It could be that you are giving it back and forth to each other. Maybe being a little more aggressive in the treatment (ie. using the nystatin) can help both of you, and then you can continue preventive measures.

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