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Thread: Oranges and Meat (great title)

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mommaefvie View Post
    we still haven't tried meat, but DS is only 6mos, and the baby food book i'm working from is anti-meat, so i'm not sure when to introduce them.
    Our pedi suggested to introduce 'meats' at 7 m/o, but I'm pretty sure she also said just to introduce chicken and turkey, no meat just yet because of some bacteria I can't remember so we're holding of until her 9m/o check-up just to be safe. She also said that we'll talk about giving dd table food (whatever we eat) at 9m/o.
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    I have a babycook baby food maker that has meats listed as okay for 6 months and up. On other sites I have read that meat should be started around 8 months. Unfortunately, my wonderful babycook machine is collecting dust since I am a full time working mom and barely have time to pick up dinner let alone cook. So....I have been doing Earth's Best organic jars. My son's first trial was with a chicken & sweet potato mix at about 8 months. We have also tried one beef and one turkey. He loves everything except peas - go figure!
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