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Thread: iron and c vit

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    Default iron and c vit

    Hi Ladies,at his 8 mos check the ped suggested to supplement DS with iron because he's not on solids yet,he occasionally plays with food but still spits it out.
    I don't want to give him iron supplements cos I read it's not absorbed so I wanted to try to give him some solids(maybe purees,as he does not swallow the bits of banana or avocado)and wanted to ask wich foods are high in iron and vitamin c and are good first foods.
    he's also very very slow in weight gain(12 ounces in 2 mos)
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    THIS is a great site to go to. I actually gave you the link for your baby's age range. It has wonderful hints and gives you the conent of the food. Like if you go to "Foods For Baby and on the drop down menu select vegetables, then click on broccoli, this is where it will take you.
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