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Thread: recommendations for good "work from home" companies and positions

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    Question recommendations for good "work from home" companies and positions

    I am scheduled to return back to work in the next 2-3 weeks (when my dd will be 6-7 weeks). Although I love my job and company - it just isn't very mother friendly. The hours are long and not easily flexible. Even though my boss has been trying to be as supportive as possible bc she doesn't want to lose me...the industry just requires 10hr days. I'm planning on going back PT to start but I just don't know if I'm going to be able to keep up. I'm having a hard time with the thought of leaving my dd for that long everyday.

    I've looked into "work from home" positions on monster.com and it just seems like most of the listings are scams - where you have to pay a fee, etc. Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions for great opportunities with decent pay ? Right now my salary is double my husbands so we can't afford for me to just not work (which I would love). I've read posts where wfh moms mention how great their wfh jobs are - but where/how do you find them ? HELP !


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    Default Re: recommendations for good "work from home" companies and positions

    I started my own Ebay business after we lost our baby 2 years ago. I needed something to get my mind off things and help with the income loss from me being out of work. I started out selling things around the house and baby stuff. I went back to work part time and continued selling. Next thing, I was buying from local stores and hitting sales. I have ALWAYS been good at shopping for great deals. Anyway, we decided to try to have another baby and I was determined to not go back to work after this one. So i dedicated myself to making it grow. Now I have direct accounts with manufacturers and sell not only on Ebay, but I also have a website.

    I bring in most of the income in this family! My dh loves it because he can work on paying off his student loans! He also helps me with my site.

    It is not for everyone. But if you have a computer, printer and camera you can easily get started. It takes a lot of dedication and time. But I make my own scheduele and I can take time off when I need to.

    If you want to try and need some help you can PM me. I love seeing others succed also!

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    Default Re: recommendations for good "work from home" companies and positions

    I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for, but there was an article on AOL today about small business owners.

    I work from home for a major Hotel Brand as a Consultant, so I don't get all the employee perks, but I make great money. It didn't start off as a work from home position, but once I impressed them , I was able to convince them to allow me to do it. You may try hitting some of the employment agencies to find companies that allow telecommuting. What is your area of expertise? Is Morristown commutable into the city? Avon is a great company for women to work and many moms work part time from home there. Check out the website and see if you meet any job postings. Good luck!

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    Default Re: recommendations for good "work from home" companies and positions

    I too have been wondering about work from home options so am looking forward to any more responses that might come. My MIL sold Discovery Toys while she was raising her kids and loved it. She made a little bit of extra money, won some fancy trips, and was able to stay home. I don't think it is a good option for me because there are some start up costs and sales probably is not my strongest skill, but it might be a good option for someone else. They have a website www.discoverytoysinc.com

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    Default Re: recommendations for good "work from home" companies and positions

    I'm in the same boat as you - my salary is about double my husband's and I too need to work. My employer is incredibly family friendly and work/life balance is key. I work for a company called Securian Financial Group (www.securian.com). We are based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. In terms of breastfeeding mothers they have lactation rooms on all the floors of my building. I'm thinking of discussing telecommuting one day per week with my manager. 6-month old DS would still go to daycare that day but it would be nice to have one less commute day each week. I believe there are a very few cases where associates can work from home full time, but generally telecommuting is reserved for people who have been with the company at least one year or longer. hth
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