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Thread: spitting up frozen not fresh

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    Default spitting up frozen not fresh

    My DS is 5 mo old and I have noticed something over the months. He is a happy spitter and spits up daily. He can spit up from just after a feeding to just before the next feeding. I have however noticed that he does not seem to spit up bottle fed expressed milk that have been frozen and thawed for him. Can freezing change any of the irritating properties that may be causing him to spit up?

    I have tried from about 4 weeks old to watch my diet and how it affects his reflux/spitting up and have eliminated dairy, nuts and watch my intake of eggs now too. The days I pump my diet is exactly the same as the days I bf so I don't think it is an issue of the diet being different on those days I pump.

    Does anyone have any input/suggestions.
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    Default Re: spitting up frozen not fresh

    The only thing I can think of is, maybe he's overeating when nursing directly? Feeding out of a bottle can be much more controlled and portions tracked. Just a suggestion, I'm not really sure. Good luck though!
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    You can check for lipase. Look at the sticky at the top of the pumping forum.

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