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Thread: Fussy and gaining too much weight?

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    Default Fussy and gaining too much weight?

    My daughter will be a month old tomorrow. Here is what's going on:

    She was 7lbs12oz when she was born, which is the 50th percentile for weight. As of today at the doctor, she is 10lbs12oz, the 90th percentile. I was happy that she is gaining so well, but the doctor says I might want to increase the time between feedings, which I don't want or intend to do. We are feeding on demand, also because I am intending to use breastfeeding as my birth control for a couple of months. My husband agrees with the doctor though, which is frustrating to me.

    Second, she is fussy and gassy. My husband had a lot of theories about this, and I stopped eating spicy foods and we are giving her those simethicone drops for gas, which don't seem to do anything.

    When she nurses, she makes a clicking sound and will let go of my nipple a lot, especially at the beginnning. I was reading a little, and now I'm wondering, is our problem oversupply or a fast let-down??? I would be very relieved if it is. I've read and I know what to do about the oversupply. I just want to be sure that is the problem before I do anything for it. Right now I've started block feeding, and I'll work from there.

    Here are other problems DD is having:

    Fussy a lot, especially in the evenings and sometimes at night

    Wants to eat ALL THE TIME, about every hour.

    Occasionally produces a volcano of spit-up, though the frequency of this has decreased over the past two weeks. She now spits up 2-3x per week. Earlier it was 1-2x per day.

    Farts a lot...

    Difficulty falling asleep, also for naps, and often wakes up after 20 minutes or so. She has days when she hardly sleeps at all. She fusses a lot but rarely cries.

    She has a stuffy nose. Could she have some allergy/food sensitivity? She isn't sick.

    Thank you all for your advice! I am so relieved that I think I might know what the problem is.

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    Default Re: Fussy and gaining too much weight?

    Hi momma!
    I'd say you could have both OS and OALD.
    you can start blockfeeding and nursing leaning back or laying down.
    also nursing in a sling can help with the fussyness.
    what color is your LO's poop?if it is greenish maybe is getting too much foremilk,which is high in lactose and can lead to gassyness.
    you don't really want to space the feedings,keep nursing on demand,just make sure you give the same breast for a couple of feedings before swapping.
    it's normal for BF babies to eat very often,BM digests in 90 minutes so you can expect a baby to eat that often.
    spitting up is totally normal at the beginning,their digestive system is not mature yet.it is just a loundry problem!
    I'm Lisa,SAHM to M. 5/14/09 my velcro boy!

    we made it to 19 mos!!! no end in sight
    always and (I'd like to have a just LO and mom cosleeping smilie...)
    food sensitivity to dairy,apple and orange
    we just started to put cloth on
    if I'm here I'm
    love this forum!!!

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