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Thread: delay solids at 8 mos

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    Default delay solids at 8 mos

    Hi LLLLadies!I'm starting to be a lot confused,maybe it's because I'm tired and have been nearly one month at IL's without an internet connection and..I've been missing your advices a lot!!!DS is going to be 8 mos next week.as we want to go the BLS way we've been waiting to introduce solids till now because DS doesn't sit up unassisted yet,or better he just started doing it a few days ago.
    so now it would be time to start.we occasionally had let him play with some banana or avocado but he didn't really ingest any of it,just played around.
    the problem is that in the last two months he has mucus in his poop.I've been waiting to see if it changed but he always has it.as his weight gain is a bit low compared to what kellymom says it should be,and he always has a red ring around the anus,I started to eliminate dairy from my diet this week.I know it takes 15 days or more for it to clear up from my system.should I delay solids until I don't find out if DS has a sensitivity to dairy?
    is it bad to delay solids this long?
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    Default Re: delay solids at 8 mos

    Definitely not bad to delay solids this long if it works for you LO Remember they say that they're for experimenting up until a year. I'm doing solids since my LO isn't gaining that well, but if your LO is doing fine I think there is no problem in delaying.
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    Default Re: delay solids at 8 mos

    My sister (who I think is very knowledgeable when it comes to these kinds of things) didn't start her 2nd son on solids until he was 8 months old. I think it's just fine.
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    Default Re: delay solids at 8 mos

    My second wasn't interested in them at all until he was like 9 months old. This third baby of mine goes in fits and spurts regarding his interest.
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