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Thread: Nursing strike? weaning? x-posted

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    Default Nursing strike? weaning? x-posted

    Hello all:
    (my first post here)

    I have 14 1/2 mos old twins. They were 11 weeks early, so their corrected age is one year. We went through the long, hard struggle of getting to ebf after all the preemie issues (too much to explain here, but pretty standard issues) as well as dd having pretty bad oral aversion.
    . . Well I thought that was all awful, and getting through was probably the biggest challenge I've suceeding at
    And my current plan was to keep nursing through this cold/flu season, and then see what they wanted to do. And, I figured that we'd probably keep nursing until past their second birthday or so. So much for plans! About four days ago, dd nursed like normal; and hasn't since! I've been wondering if she was simply ready to wean.
    But, I've been thinking it trough, talked to my fab lactation nurse at my hospital, and read some great articles here. Now, I know this in not weaning! Something is wrong! I want to fix it!
    details: She has been sucessfuly taking bottles with dad the one day a week I work, and about 90% breastfed with me. She is eating solids well off and on. She has had cow's milk a few times here and there in the last month. She doesn't take it, even half ebm half cow. She has been teathing lately. And, I'm cathing on that here lies the problem. She had been biting me with her sharp, jagged teeth. I did react strongly most times. I should have known better, esp with her oral aversion issues.
    I figured, at first, that she would at least take her 5am nurse-back-to-sleep session well if nothing else. NOPE! The first couple of days, she woke up on time and fussed, needing help to get back to sleep. But refused the breast. The next couple of days she's been waking later and later. Now, only getting up with her brothers when we are up for the day. (man I wanted her to do this so badly before, but not like this. unable to nurse b/c she is sad!)
    She is currently insisting on ebm in a bottle. I don't have much left in the freezer after donating 1000+ ounces over the last year, and using up soon-to-expire milk with my own lo's recently. I thought we were set. I did not see this coming!
    She is small, even for her adjusted age. I wanted to keep providing the extra calories for her. Also, she has week lungs. I really need to give her the immunities!
    I am still nursing her twin no problem. He has not had the oral aversion issues, and has always been my stronger feeder of the two. He is not biting. I don't mind if I end up nursing one longer than the other. They are individuals. But, I'm getting it that this is d/t a problem and not a good ending of our nursing relationship.
    Please help!

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    Default Re: Nursing strike? weaning? x-posted

    Hi! I came across your post looking for answers to my own nursing problem with my twins. What was your outcome?

    I have 21 month old twins (our kids are pretty close in age!) and my son (the stronger nurser) has refused the breast at night, no less, for the last three days. My daughter latched on but only for a few seconds. I am so frustrated and can't figure out a solution. Anything you have to say would certainly help! Thanks!

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