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Thread: sippy cup

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*courtnidge View Post
    I couldn't get L to use a sippy either, so we ended up with a straw cup (the regular kind, not the no-spill or no-leak kind) and she does great with it! It must be a BF thing.
    It might be. Nora never did use a sippy, just went straight for the regular cup. Davis has no problem using a sippy I think because he's used to the concept of having to tip the bottle up and suck to get the liquid out.
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    My DD never went for a bottle of BM, but figured out the sippy in 2 tries and now bounces up and down at the sight of it. It really seems to be when they get the tip it up theory down. She does sometimes just sit and gum on it, I think the rubber of the spout and the handles feel good on her gums. I think that's the other part - it's easier for the little ones if the cups have handles rather then being straight cups.
    She also likes straws at restaurants, though we had to learn to ask for NO ice in the water - she was SHOCKED by the idea of cold things in her mouth!
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    aww, i just noticed your Guinevere (LOVE THAT NAME!) is only one day older than my Elliott!

    Ell drinks great out of cup with no lid (although he does love the handles on his sippy, so we just leave the lid off), and he gets the whole "tip it back" thing, but if there is a spout he just chews on it.
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    I've been trying for a month 1/2 with my 8 month old, but he can't seem to get it. He will at the most take 2 sips and then starts to bang it and then throw it. I've bought 4 different kinds of sippy cups, but not one has worked for him. He finds drinking out of a regular cup is so fun and exciting with help of course.
    Never crossed my mind about trying a straw. Must try this tonight.

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    I think I'll try the cups with the built in straws, too.
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    You guys gotta try these first years cups:


    I swear they're the best for learning. They are not round so they are easily grasped by little hands, they don't have a valve but they don't spill either. I wish they had these around when my older two were little!

    BPA free and when you are done with them throw them in the recycle bin! Plus 6 cups for 9 bucks? I think they're a good price too!
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