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    I've had a pea sized lump in my breast for about a month now. Everyone keeps telling me it's probably a plugged duct, but it doesnt hurt or anything. I've tried warmth, massaging it out, etc...and it's still there. I called the nurse at my doctors office & she said because of my age (I'm 25) that she wasnt too worried about it being something more serious.

    Could this be a plugged duct? It's just really confusing me as to why it doesnt hurt & why I can't get it unplugged.


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    Hmm... you must be concerned about a lump that isn't going away. From what I understand, if it were a plugged duct, you would have at least some tenderness and also some engorgement or rigidity from milk backing up behind the lump. I've never heard of a plugged duct that stayed that way for a month with no other symptoms.

    I don't want to alarm you, but from what I have read, any breast mass in a woman of any age, whether or not she is lactating, should be evaluated. Ask your doctor (not the office nurse) about having an ultrasound examination done on the affected breast. Ultrasound isn't invasive and doesn't impact your breastfeeding at all, and it will show whether the lump is solid or fluid-filled, which will be the first step in figuring out what is going on there. I had this done while I was still nursing, when one of my breasts started feeling kinda lumpy. The exam was quick and easy and put my fears to rest.

    Here is a link on the LLL website about breast health in lactating women. Near the bottom of the page, it discusses this issue of what to do with an unexplained lump. I hope all is well!



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    I've had plugged ducts and breast masses - fibroadenoma. Rebecca is correct that generally there is tenderness involved with a plugged duct, but it couldn't hurt to get evaluated by a doctor. My suggestion would be to see a Breast Surgeon, because they can give you a better perspective than your OB can. It's possible that it is a cyst or just breast tissue, neither of which is terrible, but something that you want to keep an eye on. In my opinion, I would not wait on anything associated with my breasts, especially as a nursing mother. The best thing that it can give you is peace of mind. Just make sure that they do not try to give you a mammogram, a sonogram is the way to go when you are lactating. Let us know how it goes.

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