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Thread: blood in poop/gassy baby update-probiotics

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    Default blood in poop/gassy baby update-probiotics

    Hi ladies,

    I took my DD to the ped on friday for her gas, blood in poop and for the bad cold she got.

    I was telling the doctor how i was about to cut out all dairy and eat bland food as i was being recommanded by so many doctors. He was quick to stop me and said that it wasn't for sure that I would have to take such drastic measures. He instead advised me to give DD some probiotics as he suspects a bacterial inbalance. Gave her the probiotics twice already and it seems so much better...He might just be right. If things are not better by the end of the week he says we will look into dairy intolerance. As for the blood in poop, he has so many anal tears. The peds says it happens in 1% of children to have chronic anal tear during their first year of life. He prescribed some proctosone....We'll see how it goes.

    Anyone ever gave probiotics to their little one? Did it help?
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    Default Re: blood in poop/gassy baby update-probiotics

    My dd's been taking it everyday since she was 6MO and we suspected dairy/soy sensitivities. It seems to have helped; however we've also been dairy/soy free up until now. It's good stuff anyway but I'm not sure though how young is *too* young to take it

    This is the brand I use - dairy-free, and actually the only infant formula I know of.

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