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Thread: gas? soilds?

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    Default gas? soilds?


    my lo is just 6 month now and we started soilds about 3 weeks ago. we started nice and slow with only barley cereal. At first she seems to be doing fine. Now we've introduced pears and bananas.

    The problem is she is having major gas problems. Only at night.
    Could it be the food? barley? The gas is really hurting her.

    Any advice would be greatly apprieciated. Also any advice on relieving gas?

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    Default Re: gas? soilds?

    i was having the exact same problem my lo (6 mos. today) to the point that she couldn't sleep and would cry for 2 hours before bed (i would give her cereal right before bed). I stopped the cereal two nights ago and just nursed instead and haven't had any more problems...
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