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Thread: Ah, god, the mess...

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    We have a drop cloth (and a dog ) to contain the mess. We give her small portions of our food (like the chicken and veggies from our chicken soup, etc.). We use this high chair because we can use it as a booster at the table, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*proudmamaof3 View Post
    One thing I have done with my kids is give them a SMALL amount of the food in their bowls, enough for them to play around with and experiment with and then I fed them from a spoon. Giving them their own utensils and bowl made them distracted enough for me to spoon some in.

    With the small amount in their bowl they can't make as much mess as with a full serving.
    That is a fantastic idea, Jen, thank you!

    And actually, I do have a dog but he just adds to the mess by frantically trampling all over the food and then tracking it throughout the apartment. Sigh.

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