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Thread: Could it be Teething?

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    Default Could it be Teething?

    Hi, I am a first time mom of a 5 month old daughter. We have had struggles with breastfeeding from the beginning. I pumped and bottle fed her for the 1st 6 weeks since she wouldn't latch and I had bleeding issues. She has been doing well since 6 weeks of age when I quit pumping cold turkey and gave her only the breast. She was eating very often, every 1 1/2 to 2 hours while at home and every 3-4 at night. Then about a week ago she started getting fussy and crying before naps even when I would offer to feed her. She used to fall asleep after feedings. She still seems hungry, but now there is the crying uncontrollably, no matter what I do. I have tried using the oragel on her and waiting and trying to feed her later, but nothing seems to be working. Also she isn't sticking to her bedtime which we established a few weeks ago. She never used to be a trouble and I could get her to sleep when she was tired. We even drove her around and she stayed awake. Does anyone know what is happening and if it is teething??

    Maddie Jo (5 months)

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    It certainly could be teething or it could just be a phase. We went through something similar when my DD was around 6 months. Before things got crazy, she would nurse around 6pm, fall asleep and then remain asleep until around 4am. She would also nurse to sleep for naps and nap for about 2 hours. (Me holding her of course, but that is the only way that she would nap.) Anyway, all of a sudden she started going crazy at night. I would nurse her to sleep and the second I put her into the crib, she would go NUTS for about an hour, until she just wore herself out. (We couldn't calm her down either.) And she would get up 3-4x a night to eat. I don't have any definite answers, but here is what I think.

    She would fuss constantly while nursing (and still does sometimes.) I try to keep her busy by playing music. I think that she is just SO interested in everything, so if I played music, she had something to focus on and would eat. The night craziness just stopped at around 6.5-7 months. We pushed her bedtime to 7pm and she stopped fussing. She also cut her night time feedings to 1-2x. For us I don't think that it was teething b/c she just got a tooth at 7.5 months.

    Hopefully, it is just a phase and she will grow out of it. It sounds like you are doing great! Keep up the good work! Hang in there! I know once I feel like I am doing well, DD decides to change -- these kiddos like to keep us guessing!

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