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Thread: Work Travel & Excess Lipase in my Breastmilk

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    Default Work Travel & Excess Lipase in my Breastmilk

    My daughter will be 8 months next week and I've been fortunate enough to be breast feeding her all this time. Now, I have started my own business ( I was laid off while on maternity leave, how nice) and it will require that I travel. Three days here, a week there and home on weekends. I've got a decent double breast pump that works fine and I've been storing up milk in the freezer. But now I have to throw all of it out. All of it - I can't do it and have to have my husband do it for me. It is at least 3 weeks worth. The reason is because apparently I have a excess lipase in my breast milk which causes the milk to taste funny (soapy to me) when frozen or stored. So now I have to start over again and scald my milk before storing it.

    How do I travel and pump, scald, freeze and ship for a week at a time?

    Also, it seems that my milk production has gone down this past week since I worked for 3 days. I'm going to use the suggestions I've read to help increase production - like pump while she is nursing and drink more water. But part of my job is teaching (I am a consultant) and it is hard enough to pump at your regular job, but going to client sites and saying - "Hi! Great to be here. Where can I pump?" seems even more awkward.

    There ya go - my vent. Feeling overwhelmed by it all I guess. Any suggestions appreciated. Or those in similar quandaries simply needing to vent!

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    Default Re: Work Travel & Excess Lipase in my Breastmilk

    Have you eliminated other reasons for the soapy smell? The kind of bags/bottles you're storing the milk in can sometimes leave this smell, as can where you store your milk in the fridge/freezer. If it's on the door or near the front, or touching the sides of an auto-defrost freezer, these places could be causing a similar smell. So can a diet high in spices. Have you tried giving this milk to baby, even though you think it smells funny? Baby may take it just fine.

    If it turns out that scalding helps it, there are solutions available. You'll just have to get creative. At some stores, I've seen individual electric burners for sale. You just plug them in to a wall, and you have a way to heat milk. Take your pot of choice and something to clean it with you on your trip.

    There are also devices made to heat a cup of coffee. These also plug into the wall, and hang over the edge of a cup, into the coffee, and heat it. Not sure how hot these really get, but it may be another option.

    Many hotels have small refrigerators available, you just have to ask. These also have a small freezer compartment.

    To ship, put your frozen milk in a box, wrapped in newspaper, with dry ice. You can also use a styrofoam cooler for more insulation. Fedex and UPS will both ship overnight, you can drop it off late in the evening, often about 7pm-ish, and it will be delivered the next morning, early. Someone just has to be available to unpack it all and put it in a freezer for you.

    Which pump are you using?

    I know it's hard to pump, but you need to do it at least a time or two a day, to prevent engorgement. You can probably pump enough, even when you're with your daughter, to provide enough milk for her needs while you're apart. It will take time and dedication, but it's totally possible.
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    Default Re: Work Travel & Excess Lipase in my Breastmilk

    Thank you for writing back, Shannon.

    Yes, we've tried different storage methods and have tried to give my daughter the milk but she bats at the bottle and refuses to drink it. That's how we found out it was funny to begin with. She is a great eater (both milk and solids) so when she didn't drink the milk we knew something was up.

    I like the suggestion of the coffee cup warmer. It think I'll look into that.

    The pump I use is the Ameda, Purely Yours.

    I've also decided that what is important regarding the big picture is that I continue to breastfeed. If that means I have to pump and dump while away and that my daughter has to take formula for that time period, so be it. It is not the end of the world. I may be gone for a grand total of 3 weeks, one week away, then home for a while then gone five business days, home on the weekend, gone five business days, the end.

    I want to breast feed my daughter until she is 12 months and if she has formula for 3 weeks but the rest of the time it is breast milk, then I think we'll have done a pretty good job. Although it isn't what I want and I'm going to try the suggestions that you have offered; I also need to take some of the pressure off myself. I'm breastfeeding longer than any of the women I know who have kids or have had kids. (Except my mother! )

    At this point, the travel dates are not confirmed and the travel is pending contract signature. I'm just planning ahead.

    I'm still interested in anyone else who may have excess lipase enzyme in their breast milk. By the way, my lactation consultant is the one who helped us determine what was going on with my milk. She's been a great resource.

    Thanks again-


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    Default Re: Work Travel & Excess Lipase in my Breastmilk

    I too have excess lipase. Also, I work full time
    What I can suggest is to do a "test" and see when your milk starts to change teste and smell - you can do this by putting several small batches from one milk and try your milk twice a day. This is how I discovered that my milk is good for about a day and a half in the fridge (not frozen).
    There is another thread in Milk Storage section about excess lipase which I found very helpful:
    And here is another link:

    Best wishes!!!

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