I see that others have already posted about this but I thought I'd ask again! This is my first post - I have twin boys that arrived at 30 weeks 3 days gestation. My due date was Christmas, so they are just 'full term' now, and both boys are home. I'm starting out trying to nurse just one at a time. They got bottles of EBM in the NICU, and still do now that theyre at home. My son Isaac keeps retracting his tongue when I latch him, so he bites down on me with his gums. It hurts sooo badly. I think I'm doing everything right, as far as latching him on, but then he bites, so I know his tongue isn't down over his lower lip. I relatch and relatch him, but he still does the same thing. I'm at my wit's end, and my nipples are just so sore. Help! Anyone else have similar issues? Thanks.