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Thread: achey arm pits??

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    Default achey arm pits??

    From the first night that I pumped while sleeping I was feeling an achiness in my armpit area the next day...is that where the milk is hiding? I am very large breasted and have never felt engorged and haven't leaked a drop (that i know of) since my first born almost 9 years ago...

    So I was wondering if this sensation I'm feeling in my arm pits instead of in my breasts was milk related.

    Also...I wanted to ask when I hand express most times I can get one or sometimes 2 streams of spray for several (2-10) sprays, but the rest of the milk from the other holes is just drops...is that normal?



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    Default Re: achey arm pits??

    It could indeed be milk related. Have you tried doing a full and fairly deep (but be gentle enough not to hurt yourself) massage in that area? Milk ducts do indeed extend up into the underarms area. See if you feel any lumpiness or abnormalities in texture. If so (and even if not, because it won't hurt anything) try to use moist heat (microwave a damp-with-water diaper) in those areas for 5-10 minutes 4 or so times per day. If you are building any plugs in there, this will help - coupled with massage. You can also heat and massage thru the whole breast tissue to help push milk thru. And of course, the more baby nurses, the better the milk clearance, so do continue to nurse on demand!
    Come back and update as to how you are feeling.......and also if you have more questions! be well,

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