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Thread: Overreacting?

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    Re the Dr. Brown's preemie nipples, I found mine at Baby's R Us in Vancouver BC. Probably if they are not at your store you could order them online. I hope the problem resolves quickly for you whatever the cause

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    My little one coughs and sputters occasionally but I figure it's just because she's swallowing her spit wrong. Every once in a while I still do that so it makes perfect sense that she would too.

    It hasn't concerned me because she'll cough just a few times and then be fine again. I figure if she really starts gasping or if it gets worse instead of getting better I'll take her to the doc then.
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    It seems to be half and half. Some moms say its nothing some mom say it could be something. I really can't figure out how I feel about it. Somedays it seems to happen more than others. Part of me wants to just brush it off because I have seen babies cough and nothing be wrong. But sometimes it doesn't seem right.

    I will be trying a smaller nipple for sure. I will look online, where you can fine everything.
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