First let me say up front I am not trying to sell anything to anyone. I just feel compelled to pass along a good experience I had and hopefully save anyone reading this some grief and some money. I bought a pump from one of the big baby "superstores" after I had rented for a month to get my milk supply going. I had a question when I got it home but when I called the store they didnt have anyone who could help. To make a long story short I started looking for consultants in my area to help me. I found a lady close to me geographically and paid for her to help me out. I found out she also sells and rents pumps and to my horror her price was waaaaay below the retail. I bought a new one from her and returned it to the big store to get my money back and ended up saving $50 even after the consult. Anyway, I just wanted to post my experience because she sells through the internet to anyone and was very patient and helpful with me during my follow up phone calls. I think her company name is Add A Little Love (you can probably Google it). This post may get removed but if it does that is a shame because in these times everyone could use all the help they can get to save money.