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Thread: cleaning pump at work

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    Unhappy cleaning pump at work

    I have a 3 months old baby and I am returning to work next week. I am planning to pump 2-3 times per day at work while breastfeed when I come back home. My question is, what's the best way to clean the pumps in between the pumping sessions? It may be awkward to clean the stuff at the kitchen at work. I bought the medela wipes just for the pumps but haven't tried it yet. Wonder if the wipe would be enough to clean the small holes in the pump. I am afraid that bacteria will grow if I don't clean it right.

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    I put pump stuff in a clean plastic bag in the fridge.
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    Thanks for the reply! I didn't know that breast milk can stay in the room temp longer than formula.

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    Great advice from the PPs! If you're still concerned, you could buy more breastshields and take 2 or 3 clean ones to work every day. That way you'd always be pumping with clean parts. But I think that would be overkill.
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    Yup, that's what I did. I would just put it in some type of plastic covering so that lint or anything else from your bag or storage can't get stick in the horns and stuff. Good luck with pumping at work- most important is to relax. I've come to really enjoy that time- plus, I get to catch up on smutty magazines! (I'm starting to think I'll never wean this kid just for that!)
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    I used to pump twice a day at work and I used the Medela steam/clean bags between pumpings. I felt it was the most sterile solution. And this way I always had my pump equipment with me. I never had to store my pump parts in a common area or shared fridge/freezer etc. I felt more comfortable doing that.
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    I keep a plastic ware container and some anti-bac dish soap in my office. After pumping, I do a quick rinse w/ hot soapy water in the restroom. The medela wipes are great for quick cleaning while traveling, but would get expensive using the frequently.

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    I just tried the medela wipes and I don't know what's that foam that looks like soap? I think about rinsing the parts after each pump instead, but that'd mean I have to drain or wipe it dry afterwards. If I can't drain it dry enough, tap water would be added to the milk when I pump next time. If I wipe it dry with paper towel, the paper tissue would leave on the parts. Ah... Which is a better way? this is killing me. I know I am too anal on this but I just can't help it! Help! Help!

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    I just checked the price of the additional parts, they are actually less expensive over the long run comparing with the wipes or cleaning time. I may end up buying an additional set then.

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    You've probably already got your answer from the other posts, but I thought I would share what I did--

    I pumped 3 times a day and did not clean or even rinse the parts during the day. I knew breastmilk doesn't go bad that quickly. :-)

    I would pump, then put the milk AND the breast shield into the refridgerator until the next pump.

    At the end of the day I would rinse everything with hot water & soap.

    On Fridays I brought the parts home and sanitized them once over the weekend.

    That's just what I did!

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