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Thread: change in bowel movement???

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    Default change in bowel movement???


    My baby is 7 month old now and I have been offering solids twice a day (for almost a month now). Somedays I give her oat cereal both in the morning and night and somedays oat cereal in the morning and carrots/sweet potatoes at night. She does not take a whole lot - 1 spoon cereal and 1/3rd cup of Carrot/sweet potatoes.

    When she was on just BM, her bowel movements were regular - like once / twice everyday.

    Since when I started solids, her bowel movements completely changed. Sometimes it takes 3 days and sometimes it takes 5 days for her to poop.
    When she poops after so many days, she poops like 2 or 3 times that day and she poops so much. It appears pasty and not watery.

    -Is this normal?
    -Will her bowel movements come back to normal or will it remain the same? -Can I do something to change this irregular pattern?

    Your response would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: change in bowel movement???

    Sounds normal. Solids generally thicken up the stools like adult stools are. As long as she has no problems getting it out, I wouldn't worry.
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