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Thread: Nursing my 2.5 y.o. son

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    Sorry you are having to deal with such negative views on your nursing toddler.

    I am currently nursing my 2 yo son and nursed my first son till he was over 3 and a half years old. You are doing the best and greatest thing for your LO.

    If I were you I would print out and highlight the info that sixyearplan linked you -- that is the AAP's findings on extended nursing not being harmful psychologically -- and submit it to your attorney and your CFI. I'm sure that actual researched and scientific facts will be more effective than your XH's crazy opinions!
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    I survived 10 painful mastitis infections and managed to nurse DS1 till he was 3 years and 7 months
    and now DS2 4 years now working on gentle weaning and

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    I am sorry you are going through this experience. I am thrilled at all of the great supportive posts!! I am currently nursing a 4.8 year old and a 24 month old. Extended nursing is a blessing. You are doing a wonderful job by letting your child self wean.

    One of the pp made a great suggestion about providing your attorney with information concerning extended nursing. I am not sure where you live but there might be female lawyers in your area who actually are a part of LLL or have extended nursed themselves. I would recommend that you contact your local LLL Leader for some possible referrals. I am happy to offer any help if you want to pm me for more information.

    Hang in there!!
    LLL Leader

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