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Thread: Salt/Condiments ?? is it bad?

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    Actually, while I haven't read the book as it came out long after we were done, I did do my BLS based on the research paper done for Unicef which is where the concept started. (Though it was a woman. Is Gill Rapley a women? The same woman?) Because in the paper she wrote there was a very explicit list of DO's and DON'Ts listed. And DO feed your child only whole foods was listed IIRC. And while I certainly agree that we all have to follow your gut and there is more than one way to skin this particular issue, I think a lot of people do things in regards to solids without really thinking about it or because they simply don't know that there are risks involved. And where my son was concerned in regards to food I always erred on the side if the most cautious. Because in regards to things like allergies, even with no history, there will less of a chance if you wait until after the year mark because their digestive tract will be safely developed after that point. I wasn't worried he was going to be allergic to oranges. I knew they would be too acidic and could cause him a diaper rash I didn't want him to have. And I learned about the salt after innocently giving him a pickle. And a friend sent me the info how they can't process it before a year. So then I knew better. In most cases if you knew better you'd do better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*djs.mom View Post
    In most cases if you knew better you'd do better.

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    Actually, frozen veggies are pretty awesome....
    This is coming from a mama who has for very long periods of time (like a pregnancy...and then some...) eaten under a gram of sodium a day. And that's eating adult portions :-)

    Frozen vegetables are not only low sodium (as low sodium as the fresh variety), they are packaged and frozen very fresh, so they retain nutrients MUCH better than the canned variety. We do a lot of frozen vegetables because they're the only "easy" food we can really do with my diet. I still consider them a whole food. And they're often less expensive than the fresh produce - especially if I'm buying something that's out of season.

    And soups are the devil from a sodium perspective.

    That's all I've got. We don't eat much salt in our house for obvious reasons, so DS doesn't get much salt in his diet.

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