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Thread: Green stool with solids

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    My grandson is 7 months old. He was completely breastfeed until 6 months, then his mom began some solid food. He didn't have any problems and enjoyed the new foods. She does small amounts, and still relies on breastfeeding for the main source of nourishment.
    However, just this week he has begun having green watery stool about 3 times a day. He will have a normal stool in the morning, and then these green ones after that. He is also showing redness and irritation on his bottom. She really hasn't given him anything strange and her diet also has not changed.
    He does not act sick in any way, and is his usual happy self, with a good appetite.
    So does anyone have ideas on what is causing the green stool?

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    What new food was introduced? Maybe an allergic reaction to starting solids or that particular food because of the irritation on his bottom. I think once solids are started the color "rule" is pretty much out. I know that when dd has sweet peas and/or green beans she has green poop but there's no irritation on her bottom and it's not watery...it's actually more "dough-like" (sorry, tmi).
    Maybe try leaving out the solids for your grandson for a couple of days and see if it gets better. If so, then it might have been that food. Try re-introducing a different food a week later and see if he's better. If he still has the same reaction, then maybe wait on introducing solids a little longer.
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    Here is an update on this. My daughter in law got worried over the persistant green stool, and took baby into the Ped. The Doc was not really concerned and attributed the green poop to teething, and not anything he was eating. She said if it was food related, the poop would be green every time, but baby was having normal stools in the morning. She gave him some cream for the irritation on his bottom(called "butt-butter", no lie!)and said to let him be diaper-less as much as possible, until the irritation is better. She said if he should start running a fever, to come back, but right now, things are ok.

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