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    Hi - my DD is almost 8 months and for the past few weeks has had me up pretty much all night every night......

    History : Started at 4 weeks with huge amounts of green BM in a day, diagnosed with silent reflux, still on meds and was dairy intolerant. Has been on solids since 6 months, just onto 3 meals and dairy now - have done it very slowly and gradually. Still BF on demand - at least 6 feeds in a 24 hour period. She does 4 - 6 wet nappies a day and at least 1 BM usually more. Seems upset when doing BM but they are loose. Last few days these have been very green but I assumed that's usual after solids e.g. spinach

    She's had a bad cough/cold recently and can't seem to shift it and last night was continually coughing for minutes - she couldn't seem to breath and I was on the point of taking her to A&E. During the day she's ok until about 6pm. Even co-sleeping doesn't help settle her, only letting her sleep upright on my shoulder works. She arches her back and squeals and passes a lot of wind, even BF doesn't seem to help.

    Any suggestions? She stopped getting very loose BM with dairy so thought she was ok to go into it?

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    Do you think that overacitve letdown could be adding to your problems?

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    I'm thinking either she's sick and that accounts for the loose BMs and other symptoms, or that she's reacting to something she's eating. How about cutting dairy out for now and seeing what happens?
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    I think that's a good idea, I've already started cutting the dairy down so will go the whole hog today and remove it all together. Her weight gain hasn't been afftected, she's just above the 25th percentile on the UK formula fed charts so I'm not concerned as that has stayed consistent on or off dairy.

    I wondered about gluten intolerance as well actually as she's been having a lot of toast fingers? My instincts tell me that it is all related to her being poorly still, she is just a sensitive little thing I think so when she's poorly her tummy is really affected.

    At least I can relax about her nutrients as I am pretty sure she's getting enough BM, great thing about breast feeding still!

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