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Thread: In need of advice.

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    What size nipple on the bottle are you using? I ended up using a PREEMIE nipple for the first few months and this helped. She had to work harder.
    I have a Medela with the let down button. It also automatically goes to the letdown after two minutes. I found that worked for me and just did the same thing every time I pumped. My body seems to like the same schedule and the same technique every time I pump. I always start low and work to high. I never tried the other way around. But use your mind to work with you. Try to think of your baby in the most happiest moment you can think of. Try to encourage and jump start your let down by psyching yourself up for it. Whenever I daydreamed about my DD and her wonderful smile and body language, I automatically would have a let down. The key is to relax. Just looking at your baby should help too. If your baby is not nearby make sure you have a favorite picture attached to your pump. I personally hated the hands free devices because I always use my hands to massage and caress my breasts when I pump. Do you do that??? It might help. Let me know how it goes. Any questions are gladly answered. Email me if I'm not checking often enough...

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    I have 2 Avent bottles with the size one whole. A doctor in the ER told me to use a nipple for 6 plus month because it would be hard. I don't know, but that doctor was an idiot. I have never seen a premie nipple before, but yet never looked much into it. I have such a hard time pumping at the same time. I just try to do it within that hour I should be pumping and I still get 6 oz, sometimes a little less, but still more than she eats so I have so much milk everywhere. With my hands free bra, I can still do compression, even though I don't need to do it because the milk will flow now without them, which makes me super happy-less work! I start at low, until the milk starts to drip then I move to high. It works, I haven't felt a let down, so I am not sure if I do it right anyways. Sometimes I hold her while I pump and give her EBM, so I feel good doing that.

    But we are working on BF and she seems to be okay with it. I want to give her milk for a year plus, but who knows. At least I dont want to throw the pump aganist the wall anymore.

    Thanks for your reply. I am feeling better about pumping, so I don;t have as many questions.
    My little surprise born 2 December 2009 7 lbs 1 oz 20 inches.

    Our goal is 1 year, but I'm willing to go 2!

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