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Thread: Signs of a Gluten Allergy?

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    Question Signs of a Gluten Allergy?

    My LO is six months old, and we've slowly been introducing solids. We've started with sweet potatoes (which she loves), then added some applesauce, and pears. At four months, though, we started rice cereal for a bit (Ped's idea, since she was "small, and low on the growth chart") but threw it out when she wouldn't eat it and it made her gassy/constipated. A few weeks later, we tried again with the cereal, she wouldn't take it/started crying everytime we tried. So I put it off, and switched to the sweet potatoes. A week or two ago, I tried the cereal again, and same reaction. Today, after a doctor's appointment, we tried cereal again with her sweet potatoes. She ate it, but not very happily. A couple hours later, she threw up everything she'd eaten. After she calmed down a bit, she nursed, and then thew all that up too.

    Needless to say, we won't be pushing the cereal at all from here on out. I'm curious, though, does this sound like a gluten allergy? Do infants even have those? And if so, anyone out there have any advice?

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    Rice does not contain gluten. Were there any other ingredients in the cereal?

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    If it has iron in it, it might just irritate her tummy. I know if I take too much iron when I'm pregnant it does that to me, I can imagine that would happen with an infant if they have too much.

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    It's just the Gerber Rice Cereal but it looks like it has a lot of "add ons" in it. We've tried homemade brown rice cereal as well with the same reaction.

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    complex carbohydrates are extremely hard on little tummies, I've read in some nutrition books that grains should be introduced last (like 1 yr old), not first.

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    It's unlikely, but possible that your child has a rice intolerance or allergy. I would hold off the rice for a while, until maybe 12 months and then see what happens. Or book an appointment with your ped or an allergist to discuss your concerns.

    But as pp stated, there's no gluten in rice, and if you had the same reaction with homemade rice, then *I* would remove all rice and investigate further.

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