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Thread: Breastmilk vs. solids - nutritional values...

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    Default Breastmilk vs. solids - nutritional values...

    I always thought breastmilk had more calories than baby food, better nutrients and whatnot. And that's why it should be the primary source of nutrition for the first year. And that's why solids shouldn't replace any breastmilk. And that's why you shouldn't start solids too early, because they aren't as nutritionally dense as breastmilk.

    So I said this to someone the other day who said "my ped said that at 6 mos out breastmilk wasn't going to be enough calories for her" and so to offer solids.

    To which someone else said "It is *not* true that breastmilk contains more calories than solid food. Unfortified breastmilk and unfortified formula all contain about 20-25 calories an oz. Some baby food contains 90 calories a tablespoon or more."

    So what's the deal with this?
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    Default Re: Breastmilk vs. solids - nutritional values...


    heres a good chart with calories listed I don't see any foods that are 90 an ounce?
    Wonder what that would be like coconut oil maybe? or dessert foods full of corn syrup and additives?
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    Default Re: Breastmilk vs. solids - nutritional values...

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    Default Re: Breastmilk vs. solids - nutritional values...

    Breastmilk has more fat per oz than whole cow milk. I think bm has 11 grams fat per 8 oz and same amount whole cow milk 8 grams fat.
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    Default Re: Breastmilk vs. solids - nutritional values...

    It's not that breastmilk is on paper just head over heels got so much more fat and calories. That's comparing apples to oranges. It's the type of fat, the bioavailability of foods and much more than which one has more or less calories. For instance the breastmilk of a mother who has a week old baby and a year old baby has a significantly different fat content to her milk. So while formula is always 20 calories per oz, that's not the same for breastmilk.

    The other thing is that even if say one veggy had WAYY more of a certain vitamin than breastmilk it doesn't mean that your baby is absorbing any of it. Or that babies NEEDS that much of a certain vitamin.

    Just because you eat it doesn't mean you get the benefits, that's very true for a young digestive system.

    Overall breastmilk is 100% bioavailable. Think of iron. Formula has way more iron in it than breastmilk. Seems like maybe then that formula is better some how because it has more? Not the case. Because the iron in formula is so hard to digest they have to put WAYY more in there than you need to get your body to absorb the little bit that you must take in. Babies absorb nearly if not all of the iron in breastmilk. That's a case of how you say it makes a difference.

    It is for many more reasons than just the milk too. Breastfeeding is WAYY more than just calories and fat! Making a blanket statement that one day breastmilk is enough calories and the next day it isn't doesn't make any sense. The natural progression is to add food, that doesn't make breastmilk any less valuable.

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    Default Re: Breastmilk vs. solids - nutritional values...

    Solids are also reccomended if your baby is too fat and taking in 'too much' bm. Solids cure everything, it's amazing! lol I just looked at what we have here and the most I've found was 70 cal, that was a 4oz jar of fruit or veggies or a 2.5oz jar of meat. I'm not sure what solids have 90cal a TSP, but I'd stay away from those, lol.
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